the first and only FDA-approved skin booster

The skin of our body starts aging around the age of 25!!
Don’t let your skin deteriorate beyond repair. Avoid activities that harm the skin.

Factors that affect the skin which you might overlook:

Increasing Age:

Skin repair slows down every year from around the age of 25.

Reduced skin elasticity leads to the appearance of wrinkles on every layer of the skin.

UV radiation from sunlight:

Damages collagen, causing skin to sag and wrinkles to form.

Causes loss of skin moisture.

Blue light (Blue light):

Computer screens, phone screens, and light bulbs, can penetrate deep into the skin layers, triggering pigment production, resulting in uneven skin tone and wrinkles.

PM 2.5 pollution:

Air pollution causes skin darkening and loss of moisture.


Destroys collagen, leading to wrinkles and dry, prematurely aged skin.

Regular exposure to air conditioning:

Can cause the skin to lose water, becoming dry and lacking moisture.


Dehydrates the skin and can lead to wrinkles.


Stress hormones can reduce the skin’s ability to retain moisture, leading to dry and dehydrated skin.


Skin care with VOLITE injections

HA, the first and only skin booster certified by the US FDA

Performed by expert doctors

Minimal discomfort, plump and firm skin, visible results lasting up to 9 months after a single treatment

Address dry skin, restore vitality and moisture with the unique DUAL EFFECT mechanism

Refill and retain moisture in deep layers of the skin for long-lasting hydration


Because VOLITE injections directly moisturize the deep layers of the skin

Effect 1: HA

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) adds water to the skin by attracting and retaining water molecules, preserving moisture.

Up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Effect 2: AQP3 (AQUAPORIN-3)

Increases AQP3 that acts as channels for water and glycerol between skin layers, retaining moisture deeper and longer.

The VOLITE difference and longer-lasting results with HYDRATE – DEEPER – LONGER using DUAL EFFECT

VOLITE directly moisturizes the true skin layers


Effectively increases skin hydration by using Hyaluronic Acid to trap and retain water in the skin layers, keeping it plump and reducing fine lines.


Boosts hydration from deep skin layers, enhancing the surface condition of the skin for a high-quality complexion from within.


Retains hydration for up to 9 months after a single injection

Benefits and plumpness after receiving the LASTING GLOW PROGRAM

Results from research show that skin quality and condition significantly improve, with hydration lasting up to 9 months after a single treatment, unlike other fillers that require multiple sessions for comparable results.

Smooth, firmer skin with reduced wrinkles

Moisturized, elastic, plump, and tightened skin

High safety with HA, the first and only FDA-approved skin booster

Contains a numbing agent to minimize injection discomfort

Minimal downtime, allowing you to resume normal activities the next day

Tailor-made care for individual skin conditions with expert doctor techniques

Less discomfort, plump skin, improved elasticity, hydration, and lifting

VOLITE HA, the first and only FDA-approved skin booster

Within the first 12 hours:

x Avoid using makeup and skincare products.

Within the first week:

x Avoid strenuous exercise and activities that induce heavy sweating.

x Avoid sleeping face down.

Within the first 2 weeks:

x Avoid touching, massaging, squeezing, or pressing the injection areas.

x Avoid laser treatments on the injection sites.

x Avoid excessive heat exposure, such as sunbathing or saunas.

Consult the doctor:

You will have a follow-up appointment with the doctor 1-2 weeks after the injection to assess the results.

Please consult the doctor if you have any concerns or notice any abnormalities

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In a world where self-care and personal well-being hold significant importance, seeking professional aesthetic treatments has become a popular choice for individuals looking to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. Supa-Kunn Clinic aims to provide a unique and exceptional experience for clients, combining expert care, cutting-edge technology, personalized treatments, and outstanding results.
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Choosing Supa-Kunn clinic means embarking on a transformative journey towards enhanced beauty, self-confidence, and well-being. With our team of expert professionals, comprehensive services, cutting-edge technology, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to safety and quality, clients can trust that they are receiving exceptional care and achieving outstanding results. Visit our aesthetic clinic and experience the difference we can make in your aesthetic journey.

At Supa-Kunn Clinic,

We are taking care of you by a certified dermatologist and American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine Physician.

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High standard with evidence based,World class & US-FDA Approved devices with reasonable price.

We provide every kinds of effective services and suggest what suitable for your skin concern,

You can make consultations with our doctor without a consultation fee.
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Foreigners Friendly Clinic with fluent English staff.

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