Taking the fight against aging to a cellular level with NAD+ IV Therapy.

Taking the fight against aging to a cellular level with NAD+ IV Therapy.

NAD+ Therapy can improve many of the decline and defects common to the aging process, including neurodegenerative conditions,cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and many other age-related issues. This is proven in published peer reviewed research and journals.

What is NAD+ IV Therapy ?
IT IS NATURAL – A derivative of Vitamin B, NAD+ is found in every cell in the body

IT IS RESTORATIVE. NAD+ helps your cells heal and helps with cellular regeneration.
Essential for anti-aging.

IT IS FUEL. NAD+ is a crucial substance in the production of ATP for energy in your
body.Keeps your cells in optimal health.

IT IS BALANCING. It helps balance the body by repairing the mitochondria- the
powerhouse of your cells.IT IS PROTECTIVE. NAD+ has shown to be both neuro-protective and neuro-
regenerating for improved brain health.

NAD+ Anti-Aging Mechanisms :

1. Promotes Cellular Regeneration
2. Increases DNA Repair
3. Contribute To Longer Telomeres
4. Supports Energy Production

5. Promotes Chromosome Health
6. Enhances Neurotransmitter Levels
7. Activates Sirtuins (Superhero Genes)
8. Boost Immune-cell Signaling

NAD+ Therapy at Supa-Kunn Clinic
Can Help Individuals Who Are:

  • Interested in extending their lifespan & healthspan
  • Recovering from Post-Covid infection
  • Seeking to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • Interested In Restoring Neurological Function
  • Experiencing cognitive decline
  • Desire to restore muscle strength and function

Accelerating Weight-loss programs

Why Intravenous (IV) Delivery ?
Oral supplements travel through your digestive system where the nutrients are broken down causing a low absorption rate.

IV infusion delivers medication and vitamins directly to your bloodstream bypassing your digestive system. It is 100% absorbed by the cells that need it most.

Why should you receive NAD+ IV Therapy at Supa-Kunn Clinic ?
– Take care of you by the American Board of Anti-Aging Physicians.

– Treat you like family, Close follow up, High quality with reasonable price.

– Over 75,000 patients have been treated safely & effectively with InfiNADi NAD+

– The ONLY NAD+ in the world that has done a clinical trial proving the InfiNADi NAD+ is 100% absorbed into the cells where it’s needed most. (University of Helsinki, 2022)

– InfiNADi is 99% pure pharmaceutical grade premium NAD+, The only NAD+ that has done a clinical trial in the European Union (EU). Proven quality,purity, safety, and absorption into the cells. (University of Helsinki, 2022)

At Supa-Kunn Clinic,

We are taking care of you by a certified dermatologist and American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine Physician.

Well trained therapist who can communicate in English as well.

High standard with evidence based,World class & US-FDA Approved devices with reasonable price.

We provide every kinds of effective services and suggest what suitable for your skin concern,

You can make consultations with our doctor without a consultation fee.
For more information, please feel free to contact us!

click here, Foreigners Friendly Clinic with fluent English staff.

To give you quality time,Please make reservations before visiting.

Foreigners Friendly Clinic with fluent English staff.

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